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the ballet shoes series

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the ballet shoes series

Meanwhile, Cortese and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo appeared on stage together to give the audience at downtown’s Glass House banquet center a preview of news about their  “All the Way Home” project to house homeless veterans. Since the initiative was launched a year ago, 510 veterans — out of an estimated 700 homeless vets — have gotten a place to live. Liccardo was invited to Washington D.C. for a White House event Monday on veterans homelessness being held by first lady Michelle Obama. The first thing Liccardo did was to call Cortese — his rival in the 2014 mayoral race — to join him in D.C.

Salsa Spot with Grupo Mazacote, 8 p.m, Dec, 20, Club Fox, 2209 Broadway, Redwood City, $15, 877-435-9849 or, Ragazzi Continuo, “Mary Had a Baby: A Christmas Celebration.” 7:30 p.m, Dec, 21, All Saints Episcopal Church, 555 Waverly St., Palo Alto, 2:30 p.m, Dec, 22, Trinity St, Peter’s Episcopal Church, 1668 Bush St., San Francisco, $15-18 advance, $17-20 at the door; or the ballet shoes series 650-342-8785, Elvin Bishop (Two full sets), 8 p.m, Dec, 21, Club Fox, 2209 Broadway, Redwood City, $25, 877-435-9849 or

Today, Little Saigon runs mainly on Senter, Tully and Story roads, a re-imagination of a lost homeland, an attempt to retain a banished past.  The passage of time and globalization have brought Vietnam and its exiled people closer. That rich Vietnamese heritage will be celebrated this week at San Jose’s colorful three-day Tet Festival, which includes a lion and dragon dance, magic shows, carnival rides and food vendors, and runs Feb. 8-10 at Eastridge Mall. But Little Saigon is worth exploring at any time of year to experience the vibrancy of the Vietnamese-American community and sense a tinge of its melancholy past at these places.

Click here if you’re unable to view the gallery on your mobile device, OAKLAND — The $9 million homelessness prevention program Oakland launched last year has succeeded in keeping nearly 500 families off the streets so far, a city spokeswoman said the ballet shoes series Tuesday, From July through December, the new Keep Oakland Housed initiative provided legal and financial help to 473 households at risk of eviction, allowing them to keep their homes, get an extension before moving out or secure money for relocation, according to a city news release, Mayor Libby Schaaf formally launched the program in October in answer to the homelessness crisis gripping the city as home and rental prices skyrocket, The idea was to give families a leg up before they became homeless — while the city was spending money on rapid re-housing and other services for the already-homeless, little had been done to prevent the problem..

“When I was 10 my teacher, a beautiful dancer, was cast as the principal in the ballet ‘Giselle,'” Poon said. “David Blair (a renowned British ballet dancer and leading star of London’s Royal Ballet) was brought in to ‘set’ ‘Giselle.'”. Poon followed her dance teacher to rehearsals and danced in imitation behind her. Blair saw Shan-Yee dance and spoke with Shan-Yee’s mother. Could her 10-year-old daughter audition for London’s Royal Ballet School? (To be invited to audition is a huge honor.).

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