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Madeira il clima di Madeira 

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Original figures from the old King Neptune’s Carousel have been refurbished and will be on display exclusively for the party as part of a cocktail lounge setup. The original merry-go-round, built by Arrow Development in Mountain View, had been at Alum Rock Park before moving to Happy Hollow in 1964, where it was later re-christened King Neptune’s Carousel. The original ride was replaced by the endangered-species themed Keep Around Carousel when the park reopened in 2010 following a two-year renovation.

According to Sengstack, the lights and technology were installed in November, The installation includes four moving lights that work to cover the whole stage and four other lights that work as special effects and ballet flats dsw spotlights, Additionally, there are color wheels within the fixtures, The computerized control board is a HedgeHog4 from High End Systems, Lighting will now be set with a joystick and a computer rather than having to do it by hand with a ladder, according to theater production manager Stephen Milligan..

Peninsula Museum of Art. Illustrations by Cuban-born artist Rafael Arzuaga, Oct.17-19, sponsored by Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in recognition of Hispanic Cultural Heritage Month. Arzuaga to be present the afternoon of Oct. 18. “Retrospective,” paintings by Frank Koci; “Abandoned,” paintings by Lydia Rae Black; and “Mediated Senses,” etchings and monoprints by Pantea Karimi, through Nov. 1. Peninsula Museum of Art, 1777 California Drive, Burlingame. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesdays through Sundays. Free admission. 650-692-2101 or

Those who view the large 10,000-square-foot space, which Anthropologie will soon vacate, are mainly interested in the area closest to the intersection, and not for retail use, ballet flats dsw Hansen said, Weeks ago, the council heard how the retail mandate affected owners of Addison Antiques, which was across the street from Hansen’s building, Mike and Julia Morris asked for an exemption, or at least to be allowed to rent to educational or medical offices, but the council denied their request, The council decided last year to implement the retail conversion moratorium in an effort to preserve the city’s retail services in a climate where property owners prefer to lease to offices, which is more lucrative..

She’s whip smart — with a master’s of science degree in environmental science, and holding down a job she loves as a research analyst for the Stanford Office of Medical Education — and attractive. But it took theater to make her feel beautiful, when she performed as Ulla — the blonde Swedish bombshell — in a production of “The Producers.”. “It was one of the first times I felt beautiful,” Whittemore said during a recent phone interview. “Part of it was being asked to play Ulla … it was my first lead role, the character is very sexy. The director and choreographer worked with me to walk sexy. And the costumer taking the time to make me feel nice. It was the combination of those things, and finally being in the spotlight.

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