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Madeira il clima di Madeira 

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Peninsula Orchid Society show and sale. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Jan. 26 and 27. Community Activities Building, 1400 Roosevelt Ave., Redwood City. $5; $3 (seniors/students/disabled); children under 12 free with an adult. Grace Temple Presents A Very Special Valentine’s Dinner. 6 p.m. Feb. 9. Proceeds help fund the church for programs to help feed the homeless and provide childcare for the poor. Michael’s, 2960 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View. $40. 650-384-6081 or 650-630-6047.

Their program at 6:30 p.m, July 18 in the Castello di Amorosa’s open courtyard is a span-the-centuries presentation of works by Haydn, Schubert and Bartok, Haydn’s Andante and Menuetto in D minor, begun in ballet dancewear au 1803, were the inner movements of his final, uncompleted quartet, and both the Schubert String Quartet No, 15 in G major and the Bartok String Quartet No, 6 were the final works in that format written by the composers, DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA: Where in the world are you going to find dancers from the American Ballet Theatre, the Bolshoi Ballet, the New York City Ballet and the San Francisco Ballet all appearing on the same stage? At the Festival del Sole, at 6 p.m, July 22 in the Lincoln Theater, where principal dancers from the Russian and American companies collaborate on a gala program with choreography by Balanchine, Possokhov, Vasiliev, Petipa, Bournonville and Ventriglia, Lovers of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” will be happy to note the inclusion of the famed “Black Swan Pas de Deux.”..

Those who planned to cook at home could get their turkeys at the Lincoln Market on University Avenue near Shattuck, or at Safeway, but neither store listed prices, promising instead the best quality birds. Two days later in Palo Alto, Cal fans “sat dumbfounded and bewildered as their team played like national champions in defeating the Stanford Indians 32 to 14.” May they do the same at this year’s Big Game, to be played in Berkeley. After their Big Game victory in 1939, the Bears took a break before preparing for a possible Dec. 30 game against Georgia Tech.

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The final slots were filled by a group of dancers with conflicting styles: martial artist Cole Horibe, stepper Brandon Mitchell and anime/popper Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer. But in a routine choreographed to highlight the All-Star Game (yes, it’s being broadcast on Fox and was promoted by Nigel and Mary), each of their styles were woven together into an almost seamless performance. As I said earlier, this week’s show was all about the dancing. The final routines first featured all of the girls, except Janelle, in a group piece choreographed by Travis Wall. Nigel reminded them afterward, “This week, you are not being judged, just being told how great you are.”.

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